Character Designs

Some stuff I’ve worked on over the past few months or so, focusing on detail, texturing and lighting.  The woman is fairly straight-forward in terms of texturing, as I used only two brushes (rough natural-media brush for most of it, then a smoother one for the smaller details).  For the man on the right, I used a few more brushes since his equipment was pretty varied.  By the way, his outfit was lifted from/inspired by a photo of a man in armor I found on the internet.  So, thanks for the inspiration, internet-guy!  I went crazy with the textures for the dude in the middle, employing several brushes and colors, and being a bit messy.  I also used the lasso tool to define his general shape first, which is something I never do, so yay for stepping out of my box.

Anyway, it’s all a work in progress.  Oh, and I guess I’m obsessed with hoods.


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