Knee-Deep in Grit

Now that Knee-Deep in Grit: Two Bloody Years of Grimdark Fiction is out in the wild, I thought I would share a couple of illustrations from it.  The first is the original cover, and the second is a B&W done as an alternate cover for GdM issue #2.  It’s been awesome working with the great people over at Grimdark Magazine over the years, and equally cool to see these stories make it to print.

Sketching – Wendigo

I was reading up on the wendigo legend recently, and was surprised to learn there’s a real-world condition called ‘Wendigo psychosis.’  In a nutshell, the sufferer experiences a craving for human flesh, while also fearing becoming a cannibal.  Apparently, historical reports exist of people attacking and completely devouring men, women and children, even when not strictly necessary to avoid starvation.  I should also mention it’s been hotly debated whether or not the condition actually exists.  If it does, though… creepy.